CCSS: 4.G.A.1

TEKS: 4.6C, 4.6A


Rising high on winter nights in the Northern Hemisphere, Orion is one of the most recognizable constellations. It contains two of the brightest stars in the sky, and the three stars of Orion’s belt make it easy to identify. Many cultures have different names and myths—sometimes more than one—about this constellation. What does it look like to you?

Classifying Angles

Classify the angles made by the stars in the constellation. Record your work and answers on our answer sheet.

The stars Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak make up what’s known as Orion’s belt. Which angle do they form?

Which angle is formed by Betelgeuse, Meissa, and Bellatrix?

Which angle is formed by Alnitak, Saiph, and Rigel?

Which three stars in the constellation do you think form a right angle?

Skills Sheets (2)
Skills Sheets (2)